• Discover the Taoist Tai Chi® arts

    Taoist Tai Chi® Chuan means “grand ultimate boxing” and is the generic name for the soft or internal martial art that was reputedly originated by Taoist Monk Chang San-feng (Zang Sanfeng) about 800 years ago in China. Later developed by Master Moy Lin Shin, this style of Tai Chi was brought to NZ in 1990 and has around 400 students in the greater Wellington area.

    Consisting of a set of 108 movements, the Tai Chi characterised at the physical level by gentle turning and stretching of the whole physiology in slow continuous balanced steps from a standing position. If you can walk and stand, you can do Tai Chi, gradually learning the sequence through repetition and practice within a group.

    At the mental and spiritual level, it is a method of “taming the heart’ and developing an attitude of calm, compassion and reduced self-centeredness during practice and in daily life. This is developed through the International Tai Chi society’s volunteer ethos.

    All classes are taught by volunteer instructors, we aim to create a relaxed, friendly, non-competitive learning environment. We welcome you to come and join a beginner class if you want to “have a go” at doing some Tai Chi before joining the society.

    See link: https://www.taoisttaichi.org/locations/wellington-berhampore/


    What are the benefits? Taoist Tai Chi® arts are distinguished at the physical level by stretching, full range of motion and the continuous turning of the waist and spine. The movements exercise the whole physiology; including the tendons, joints, connective tissue and internal organs.

    The benefits include: improved circulation, balance and posture: increased strength and flexibility, and reduced stress.


    What are the costs?

    Classes and many other activities are offered as part of membership of the Society. The membership costs consist of an initial registration fee plus an annual membership contribution which gives unlimited attendance to all classes. For convenience the annual contribution can be paid in monthly instalments. There are special rates for people with financial hardship.  Come along and try out one class at no cost.


    Where to start your training

    While there are many ways to participate in the training, most people begin with the physical practice of tai chi. Taoist Tai Chi® arts include a gentle set of movements that promote well-being for people of all ages and in all conditions. An accredited instructor leads each class where a few moves are demonstrated, practiced and then reviewed gradually adding a new move to the sequence each week. You can start anywhere.


  • Beginner Classes

    You can attend as many different new beginner classes as you like. Each beginner course runs for approximately 4-5 months, classes are 60 to 90 minutes long. New members are welcome to join at any time.  Check our web site for more information: https://www.taoisttaichi.org/locations/wellington-berhampore/

    Continuing classes are ongoing classes for those members who have finished the beginner course.

    Classes in Taoist Tai Chi are also available in Wellington City, Kapiti and the Hutt Valley.


  • Location and Contact Details


    Mornington Golf Club
    80 Stanley Street
    Wellington 6023

    Contact Details:

    Email:   wellington@taoist.org

    Phone:  (04) 586 0297